Tekst van dit lied:

I worship at Your throne,
whisper my own love song.
With all my heart i'll sing
for You, my Dad and King.
I'll live for all my days,
to put a smile on Your face
and when we finally meet,
It'll be for eternity.

And oh,
how wide You'd open up Your arms,
when I need your love;
how far You would come,
if ever I was lost.
You said that all You feel for me
is undying love,
that you showed me through the cross.

I worship You my God.
I worship You my God.
I love You. I love You.
Forever I will sing.
Forever I will be with You,
be with You.

Repeat verse

Repeat pre-chorus

Repeat chorus (2x)

(Free worship)

Repeat chorus