The Sanhedrin - GNT
(Good News Translation)
Mark 1453Then Jesus was taken to the High Priest's house,
where all the chief priests, the elders,
and the teachers of the Law were gathering.
55The chief priests and the whole Council
tried to find some evidence against Jesus
in order to put Him to death, but they could not find any.
56Many witnesses told lies against Jesus, but their stories did not agree.
57Then some men stood up and told this lie against Jesus:
58"We heard Him say,
'I will tear down this Temple which men have made,
and after three days I will build one that is not made by men.'"
59Not even they, however, could make their stories agree.
60The High Priest stood up in front of them all and questioned Jesus,
"Have you no answer to the accusation they bring against you?"
61But Jesus kept quiet and would not say a word.
Again the High Priest questioned Him,
"Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed God?"
62"I am," answered Jesus,
"and you will all see the Son of Man seated at the right side of the Almighty
and coming with the clouds of heaven!"
63The High Priest tore his robes and said,
"We don't need any more witnesses!
64aYou heard his blasphemy. What is your decision?"
Matthew 2666bThey answered, "He is guilty and must die."
67Then they spat in His face and beat Him;
and those who slapped Him said,
68"Prophesy for us, Messiah! Guess who hit You!"